Ultimo Ethics of debt collection

Ethics of debt collection in Ultimo

At Ultimo, we attach great importance to our standards of operation and quality of service for all Business Partners and debtors.

Ethics in everyday activities

We are a member of the Association of Financial Companies in Poland (ZPF) - an institution associating companies in the debt management sector, setting the ethical standards and principles applicable to the debt collection market. Ultimo is a co-author of the Principles of Good Practice and has been awarded the Ethical Audit Certificate for the past 15 years, confirming the conduct of its business in accordance with ethical principles. An additional indicator of the activities of our Group are its Company values and internal Code of Ethics.

Ultimo Ethics of debt collection

Good Practice Principles

The formulation of the Good Practice Principles is used to define recovery methods that prioritise ethical behaviour in accordance with moral principles. A debt collection Company, in accordance with these principles, is obliged to protect the client's interest, care for the client's good name, act in accordance with the law and respect the debtor's consumer rights.

In addition, the document details a catalogue of inadmissible activities. Defining them effectively, facilitates elimination from the market of entities whose activities are in conflict with the Code. This process will help customers of debt collection companies to choose the right partner in the field of debt collection, that is, a partner operating in accordance with the law.

Ultimo Association of Financial Companies

Out of concern for the good of the clients of debt collection companies, it is possible to submit an application to the ZPF Ethics Committee, to examine compliance of business practice with the Good Practice Principles.

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The Ultimo Code of Ethics

The Ultimo Code of Ethics is an important element that builds our position as a reliable partner and adviser and strengthens the Company's organisational culture. We have collated the most important principles, rules and values that guide us in our everyday work. We operate on many levels, so we describe our relationships with various groups of recipients thus: those who are in debt, business partners, contractors, employees.

The Code of Ethics is a set of applicable, ethical principles and norms respected in Ultimo, compliance with which is fundamental to the development of the Company and to building partner relationships outside and inside the organisation, based on the highest standards.

Ultimo Code of Ethics

Association of Financial Companies

The mission of the Association of Financial Companies in Poland (ZPF) - the Industry Organization - is to set high standards of business conduct in all relations with clients and contractors and to supervise compliance by financial enterprises to create and confirm opinions that recognise these enterprises as institutions of public trust.

Ultimo Association of Financial Companies

Ethical Certificate for Ultimo

We are pleased to announce that Ultimo S.A. has once again found itself among those companies which have received the Ethical Certificate of the Association of Financial Companies in Poland (ZPF). After a successful ethical audit and, as a result, ZPF having confirmed the same, in our operations, we are guided by high ethical standards, thanks to which we deserve trust from our clients and business partners.

The Ethical Certificate confirms our commitment and responsibility in providing services and also guarantees that the activities implemented are in accordance with Good Debt Collection Practices. We have received the Ethical Certificate annually, starting from 2006.


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Ultimo Ethics of debt collection

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